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About Us

Our Mission Statement:

The State Debate Coalition unites statewide debate commissions who sponsor and produce open, unbiased, and substantive candidate debates at the state and federal levels within various states. We bring together various state debate commissions to share best practices, glean new ideas, and help address similar challenges regarding the hosting of candidate debates. We also facilitate the creation of state debate commissions by working with groups in these states to encourage and assist in the formation of new statewide debate commissions.

State Debate Coalition Leadership

Dr. Elizabeth Bennion

President of the Indiana Debate Commission and Professor of Political Science at Indiana University South Bend

Alexander Wheeler

President of the Washington Debate Commission

Jill Zimon

Leader of the Ohio Debate Commission and Adjunct Professor at Cleveland State University

Dr. Richard Davis

Professor of Political Science at BYU and Co-Founder of both the State Debate Coalition and the Utah Debate Commission

Nena Slighting

Executive Director of the Utah Debate Commission